Educate Me Sustainably: Vision, Mission, Core Values


Give every child a chance to be in school so they can shape their own future.



Provide educational materials and resources to children from economically challenged backgrounds.


Core Values:


  • Leadership: Children are the leaders of the future and we are committed to helping them gain the experience and education required to meet the world’s challenges.
  • Dedication to Integrity: EMS is committed to performing only honorable initiatives that are run in an honest, transparent, and ethical way.
  • Empowerment: We are not seeking quick fixes to these problems. We strive to provide sustainable solutions by working together with children, communities, government entities, churches, schools, businesses, other institutions, and all other esteemed donors. We work hand in hand with the community to make it a better place as we shape the future together.
  • Commitment to the Community: We believe that communities shape who we are and therefore we strongly believe that community engagement plays a crucial role in helping us achieve our mission.

About Educate Me Sustainably (EMS)

Educate Me Sustainably is a nonprofit organization registered in the US under 501(c)(3). It was founded with the main aim of making textbooks and other studying materials available to children from economically challenged backgrounds. 

Founder John Kiarie started off helping provide textbooks and geometrical sets to students in grades 6-8 in Kenyan villages to help them prepare for their national exams.

What sets EMS apart is its unique model; one that provides sustainable resources to help every child have access to textbooks and other materials that enhance their performance in school. This model is sustainable in the sense that, instead of giving individual children books and reusable resources to own, EMS donates these resources to schools that agree to safeguard each and every one of them for use by future students.

For example, when EMS donates 40 textbooks to grade four students, the books belong to the school. After the grade four cohort moves up to grade five, the textbooks are used by the incoming grade four cohort.

This model not only ensures that each student has access to the necessary materials, but also stretches donor funds. Instead of donating one book to one student, the donor donates to three children in three different cohorts and in the course of three years versus donating the book to one child who will be done with it after graduation.

The next generation will be faced with unprecedented challenges and global threats. EMS knows that the children of today are the leaders and change makers who will be required to navigate an uncertain future. If we don’t give them the tools to succeed, we are not only compromising their lives, but the future of humanity. 

Well-wishers, including individuals and organizations, support EMS in the form of making donations, establishing partnerships, organizing promotions, and most importantly volunteering acts of service to create the feel of one big family. Everyone is welcomed with open arms to contribute and help shape these childrens’ lives.

Giving to EMS is not just supporting a nonprofit organization, it is supporting freedom, creating opportunity, and helping a child realize their dreams. Your $1, $20, $50 or $500 donation will completely change the trajectory of a child’s life.

By donating your time and money to EMS, you are giving hope to a child with limited prospects. You are giving them a chance to experience a life of opportunity like you and me. You are giving them the kind of life they deserve: the freedom to become the person they were created to be instead of having their life determined by the fate of lack of opportunities.

To enable EMS to achieve its goals, it welcomes you to sponsor a child for only $19 a month.